Parents, Make Kids Media Wise & Support SPHE Learning at Home

Why not support SPHE learning at home with the help of MediaWise?

SPHE stands for Social, Personal and Health Education and has been a compulsory subject in Irish primary school since 1999. One aspect of SPHE is media education.

With children spending more time online as part of distance learning, they are increasingly being exposed to different forms of media, i.e. advertising and their influences.

MediaWise is a free Irish educational programme that provides lessons for pupils from Junior Infants to 6th class. It aims to enable children to understand what media is, how advertising works and how media and advertising can influence how we feel; how we think and eventually what we buy.
To access the programme click HERE.

During the school closure period, why not take some time for SPHE and raise your own and your child’s awareness and understanding of media and its impact on our daily lives, our thoughts and our personal behaviour.


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