Leaving Certificate Exams Most Likely To Be Cancelled

It is understood tonight that sources within government believe that the Minister for Education Mr Joe McHugh will make a recommendation to the present caretaker Cabinet, tomorrow morning, to cancel this year’s Leaving Certificate examinations.

With this recommendation, also will come a memo outlining possible alternatives to these exams being cancelled.

The memo to be revealed is the product of detailed consideration taken into account over a number of weeks by the Department of Education.

The Department of Education together with second level teacher trade unions, school management bodies and others, have today continued with discussions over how best to assess students.

Alternatives debated could include a review of previous Junior Certificate results; Mock Examination results: Profiles within the school of previous attainments; Teachers and School Principals professional judgment or all of the previous stated, in an effort to produce some kind of estimate of each attending students.

Taoiseach Mr Leo Varadkar had already stated that the issue of the Leaving Certificate examinations is one that his caretaker Government wishes to bring to a final conclusion this week, adding that it was important to make sure that an alternative to same was identified and put in place.


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