Free Online Courses From FutureLearn

If during the current period of Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, you’ve ever thought to yourself “I’d love to do a course on…”, then maybe the website for you.

FutureLearn offer free access to courses from leading universities from around the world including our own Trinity College, Dublin.

It costs nothing to sign up. After you join, you can complete hundreds of free short courses and even explore courses with academic accreditation and to degree level. Courses cover everything from fashion to healthcare, history to flight mechanics, law to social media marketing campaigns.

Future Learn for Schools

A new dimension to Future Learn has been the development of Future Learn Schools. Visit HERE.

Future Learn Schools offers pupils, aged 13 years plus, free access to hundreds of online educational courses to expand their learning.
These include courses on writing fiction; ecology; wildlife conservation; everyday chemistry and computer programming.

Future learn is accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile.


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