Coronavirus, Explained

A new series ‘Coronavirus, Explained’ has just begun, today Sunday April 26th, 2020; featured on Netflix, and must now be made essential viewing for everyone on our planet.

The first short episode in the series, explains how the coronavirus become a global pandemic in the first place, changing life as we know it today; and pointing out the necessity and importance for social distancing.

Interviewed medical experts and data made available in this first episode in the series provides a clear, informative overview of COVID-19 and what we know and continue to learn about this virus to-date.

When messed with ‘Mother Nature’ becomes the ultimate bioterrorist

The series narrated by J. K. Simmons, also explores various topics around the subject, while discussing the efforts to halt it.

This excellent American made, limited series, documentary is produced by Vox, which brought us ‘The Mind, Explained’ and ‘Sex, Explained’, is a spin-off of the television series ‘Explained’.

To locate on Netflix; type Coronavirus, Explained into the provided Search Panel, and dare we state, where possible, get your teenage family members to watch.


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