Covid-19 Update: Fri. 24th April 2020 – 37 Deaths – 577 New Cases

The Department of Health has confirmed this evening that a further 28 people have tragically died from the Covid-19 virus, here in the Republic of Ireland.

The total death toll has now reached 1,014. This number includes a further 185 probable deaths, while 2 deaths, that had previously been reported, are now no longer classified as related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A total of 577 new cases of the coronavirus have also today been identified here in the Republic, thus bringing the total since conception to 18,184.

Here in Co. Tipperary the number of virus cases reported, as at midnight on April 22nd last, remains confirmed at 343, a worrying increase of 16 new confirmed cases.


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  • Katy

    Thank you, Thank you Thurles Information for the link to Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans….very powerful film. And to think, I found out about it from my ancestral Thurles home turf. Blessings from Oregon as we make our way through this time of transformation and renewal with God’s help.

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