69 New Covid-19 Cases Confirmed On St. Patrick’s Day

With the Coronavirus death toll sadly rising in Italy to 2,503, a further 69 new coronavirus (Covid-19) cases have been confirmed in the Irish Republic, this St. Patrick’s Day 2020; bringing our overall number of effected cases to 292.

A further 10 cases have been confirmed in Northern Ireland, bringing their total there to 62. Thus, overall on our green island there are now 354 cases and rising, with large volumes of individuals waiting to get tested.

We understand that Irish Cabinet Ministers held an incorporeal meeting this evening, designed to sign off on emergency regulations to deal with the present Covid-19 crisis.

We understand amongst these welcome measures is legislation which would allow people to be detained on foot of medical recommendations, if they have been affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19) and are refusing to self-isolate.

We understand these new measures will give the Government the legal power to shut down large gatherings and will give effect to special welfare payments, for those who are unable to work as a result of the need to comply with the public health authority’s immediate requirement.

These regulations; build on already introduced legislation back in 1948; latter designed to fight the spread of infectious diseases, e.g. tuberculosis (TB), then also a major public health problem of that particular era.

Tuberculosis used to be much more common here in Ireland, with nearly 7000 cases a year identified, back in the early 1950’s. It would be the highly controversial public representative, Waterford born, medical intern Dr. Noel Christopher Browne, then acting Minister for Health who would introduce free mass screening for tuberculosis sufferers and launch a huge construction program, to erect new hospitals and sanitoria. His efforts also coincided with the development of a new vaccine and new drugs, e.g. BCG and Penicillin; which would help to cure this previously untreatable medical condition.

This current emergency legislation is expected to be passed, by our current caretaker government, during a Dáil sitting convened for Thursday afternoon next.


4 comments to 69 New Covid-19 Cases Confirmed On St. Patrick’s Day

  • Michael


  • Katie

    Michael. HA. Wonderful things will come out of this Covid-19 Virus.
    Michael do what I do when my seniors start to worry. Sing as loud as you can all the wonderful Irish songs you know. That will bring a smile back and always works. It certainly looks like the end of the world here. Cannot buy Meat, Toilet paper and other items with the panic at the supermarkets. Imagine getting up at 5am in the morning to que up at the super markets for one hour to purchase what you need. How ridiculous. That is what they have now brought in for seniors. So much fighting in supermarkets and empty shelves is unbelievable. Praying all this will end soon. Hard to believe this is Australia.

  • Michael


  • Katie

    Michael. Its a long story but John and Myself have not seeing our Son for 15 years. Mark only lives in Brisbane about 1 hours drive. No grandchildren Just the two of us and our wonderful seniors and friends. He married an Aussie and that’s where everything fell apart. Out of sight out of mind. That’s the way we look at it now Michael. Love to tell you the full story. He did not bother to even get in touch with his Father when he was in hospital for 2 hip operations and 2 knee operations. John and myself worked our guts out to put him through private school. He is an Antique dealer and a general Auctioneer. That’s the thanks he gave us. Anyway Michael take care. I am busy with keeping in contact with my expat seniors. You would laugh at the requests I get from them when I go to the super markets. Great response here to the Irish Government and how he is handling this crisis’ Nothing but praise. Take care George and all the Thurles People.

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