Further 10 Cases Of Covid-19 Confirmed In Irish Republic Today

With 16 cases of Covid-19 confirmed in Northern Ireland, there are now 50 cases identified on the overall island of Ireland. This has been confirmed by the Department of Health, with a further 10 new cases having been confirmed in the Republic of Ireland, bringing our total to 34.

We understand that five of these new cases are associated with travel from already identified, affected areas, with three of these being males residing in the south of the country.

In the east of the country, one male and one female have been confirmed, also associated with travel from a foreign affected area.

Three of those 10 new cases are also associated with close contact with already confirmed cases, same being a male and female in the west of Ireland and a female in the south of the country.

Two of the new cases (one female in the east and one male in the south) are understood to be occupied as healthcare workers.


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