Three Further Cases Of Covid-19 Confirmed In Rep. Irl.

Three further confirmed cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) have been identified in the Republic of Ireland, the Department of Health reports.

All three new cases identified are understood to be ‘close contact associated’ with an already Covid-19 confirmed case or cases and are identified only as two females in the south of the country (one being a healthcare worker), and a female located in the west of the country.

This brings to 24 the number of confirmed cases now in the 26 counties, while there exist another 12 positively identified cases in Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, IT and Social Media users are being asked to ensure that elderly people, unable to access online Coronavirus information, are given all the appropriate advice and information needed.

To further ensure that elderly people gain the necessary required information they need; ‘ALONE’, latter an organisation who work with older people and those socially isolated e,g. homeless; living in poverty or crisis, have established an information helpline at Tel: 0818 222 024, from which advice can be readily sourced. The helpline is open from 8:00am to 8:00pm, for any older people who may have concerns or who are facing difficulties relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).


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