Identified Coronavirus Patient Worked A Shift In Hospital A&E

A parent, latter a healthcare professional residing in the west of Ireland diagnosed yesterday with coronavirus, completed a shift, working in a hospital A&E, having returned from Italy.

In all, four persons [Two parents and a son and daughter] from the west of Ireland tested positive yesterday for the virus.

The HSE are currently attempting to trace / contact any patients who may have been in close contact with the infected male adult; in the as yet unnamed hospital. The infected family themselves are now quarantined in an unnamed hospital in the west of Ireland.

Two schools; a secondary school and a national school, attended by these infected children, have been closed today, following this family’s diagnosis, with hundreds of pupils told to stay at home for two weeks.

Parents were contacted by text to alert them to the closure. This follows a risk assessment by the health staff on the potential exposure to other children, parents and patients from the virus.

UPDATE: The unnamed hospital is understood to be the constantly overcrowded Limerick University Hospital, serving patients from North Tipperary.


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