Men Arrested In Connection With Tipperary Cocaine Seizure

Two men have been arrested and charged this evening, in connection with a cocaine stash, latter which was seized in Co. Tipperary over two years ago.

The drugs stash which had a market value worth an estimated €78,000 had been located on January 17th, 2018, on the Limerick Road outside Nenagh.

Following further investigations, the two suspects aged in their 30’s and 40’s were arrested this evening.

They are expected to appear before Nenagh District Court on tomorrow morning.

My Opinion, For What It’s Worth!
It is interesting to note that the law regarding the sale of a food substance which contains, say peanuts; when sold to any person; thus, causing a life-threatening severe allergic reaction. If the consumer actualy dies, same food vender/supplier can be arrested and charged with manslaughter.

Compare this allergic reaction law with the law covering the illegal sale of psychologically addictive drugs like cocaine; the speed and intensity of which, is highly addictive, resulting in, at best, death from overdose, stroke, thrombosis and most certainly severe internal organ damage.

Time surely to charge arrested drug dealers with manslaughter.


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