Thurles Tourist Attraction Destroyed

We first boasted about our tourist attraction [Click Here] on December 3rd, 2018, acclaiming it as Ireland’s largest pothole located here in the town of Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

On hearing about this natural phenomenon, foreign tourists, hikers and campers, flocked to the area. Rare snakes, dragonflies, leveret, common lizards and numerous other forms of rare and exotic wildlife had pulled up their roots and migrated to this area, seeking refuge from the badly polluted River Suir.

Alas, today, February 14th 2020, [only two year and 9 weeks later I might add], finding unsuspecting locals preoccupied with thoughts of St. Valentine’s Day; Tipperary Co. Council officials struck with their usual speed; moving quietly and quickly to wipe out this now existing natural ecosystem.

Newly resurfaced carpark entrance at Cathedral Street, Thurles, Tipperary.

The area normally accessed only by 4-wheel drive vehicles, due to rough terrain, has now been totally wiped out, using that odd substance rarely used on roads in Tipperary; the dreaded tarmac, and this evening no trace of our wonderful tourist attraction is currently evident.

Wait until that secret society, beter known as Tipperary Tourism, hears about this! They may be forced to have their photograph taken as they rehash or is it relaunch the Tipperary Tourism website.


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