Forming Political Landscape Following Yesterday’s General Election

While 100% of ballot boxes have now been tallied and keeping in mind that the above count is a rough tally and NOT the official count; hereunder appears to be the political layout for the lifetime of the next Dáil with regards to Co. Tipperary.

Michael Lowry 17%
Martin Brown 12%
Mattie McGrath 10%
Jackie Cahill 9%
Alan Kelly 9%

Seamus Healy 6%
Garret Ahearn 6%
Joe Hannigan 5%
Mary Newman Julian 5%
Imelda Goldsboro 4%
Rob O’Donnell 3%
Sandra Farrell 3%
Dolores Cahill 1%

As expected, once again Fine Gael candidates have been shunned, while the overall majority of votes cast, went to Non-Party candidates.


1 comment to Forming Political Landscape Following Yesterday’s General Election

  • Katie

    George. We are getting the results of the Irish Election on our news here. According to that. Leo Varadkar is out. And Sinn Fein party Mary Lou McDonald has taken the Dublin Central constituency. Not sure George if this means Sinn Fein will run the country. How the Irish election calls is a bit puzzling. Having terrible weather at the moment. One day to many fires and the next to much rain and flooding. The have collected millions for the farmers. So they will all become millionaires now George.

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