Rainy Nights In Thurles

Rainy Nights

Poem by Irene Thompson

I like the town on rainy nights
When everything is wet.
When all the town has magic lights
And streets of shining jet.

When all the rain about the town
Is like a looking-glass,
And all the lights are upside down
Below me as I pass.

In all the pools are velvet skies,
And down the dazzling street,
A fairy city gleams and lies
In beauty at my feet.



2 comments to Rainy Nights In Thurles

  • Katie

    Irene what a beautiful poem. And only wish we had wet roads. We are experience terrible dry weather. And so many bush fires. Temperatures reaching 38deg.Its hard to be happy about Christmas in this heat. But your beautiful poem will cheer us all up . ‘George can you tell me about the tradition Ireland putting a candle on the window for Christmas. Apparently if you shopped at the same groceries all the year they gave you a candle for free to place on your window. A number of seniors asked me about this tradition but I said I never saw it or even heard about it. What do you think George.

  • Tom Ryan

    Lovely, Irene.

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