Will You Be Here To Phone Your Insurance Company On Tuesday?

Or will weeping family members be digging a hole in some rural graveyard?

Almost four out of five road deaths occur on Irish rural roads; that is according to accurate figures released by the Gardaí and the Road Safety Authority (RSA) ahead of the August Bank Holiday occurring this weekend.

Up to yesterday, July 31st 2019, eight people have lost their lives on the rural roads of Tipperary so far this year 2019; while 11 tragically were killed in the full 12 months to December 31st of 2018.

Today, the RSA have stated that a 7% increase in road deaths during the first six months of this year is disturbing, with eighty-nine road users already killed this year (2019) compared to 2018.

Overall, last year (2018) had observed a decrease in Irish road deaths. Data available from January 1st through to December 31st of 2018, confirms that in total there were 139 fatal collisions nationally which resulted in 146 persons tragically killed. However, these statistics only represents two fewer collisions and 10 fewer deaths, when compared to similar data held for 2017.

Of these 146 deaths in 2018; 60 were vehicle drivers; 20 were vehicle passengers; 42 were pedestrians; 15 were motorcyclists and finally 9 were pedal cyclists.

The month of May 2018 saw the lowest number of road fatalities, with a total of 5 persons just needlessly killed. Largest number of fatalities took place during April 2018 with 17 deaths registered, while two month later, June 2018, a further 16 road deaths were recorded .

Sunday was the most dangerous day of the week to take your car on the road, with 32 deaths recorded on Sunday’s during 2018.

Please take it easy and thoroughly enjoy your long Bank Holiday weekend and sure we might see you on Tuesday, please God.


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