Police Seek Help Regarding Dr. P. Leahy Statue, Thurles

The statue of Archbishop Dr. Patrick Leahy so wilfully and shamefully destroyed in a gross act of vandalism this week, was first erected 108 years ago, in 1911.

A strong advocate in the cause of temperance, and one who enforced the Sunday closing of all public-houses in his diocese, his sculpture was first executed at Carrara in Italy, by Professor Pietro Lazzerini. The material used was high quality Sicilian statuary marble.

The figure 8ft (2.4384m) in height, standing on a limestone pedestal 7ft (2.1336m) high; represents the deceased Prelate attired in his episcopal soutane, rochet and mozetta, while his now decapitated and missing head remained uncovered. In his hand right hand he holds a breviary.

Harmonising well with its surroundings; the limestone pedestal was initially fashioned in Cashel, Co. Tipperary by one Mr Best and consists of four great blocks, chiselled, moulded and panelled, in accordance with the designs of Mr J.C. Ashlin of Dublin. The pedestal and statue, long regarded as a work of fine art, was erected by Messrs. Leahy Brothers of Thurles.

Highly regarded at the time by those who knew and remembered Dr. Leahy; same stated that it was an admirable and a remarkable likeness of him portraying his fine commanding presence and his handsome features.

An inscription on the limestone pedestal declares, “In commemoration of the Most Rev. Patrick Leahy, D.D., Archbishop of Cashel and Emly, 1857-1875, by whom this Cathedral Church of the Assumption was erected”.

The expenses incurred to complete the then entire work was £215.00 and was defrayed by his succeeding prelate, Most Rev. Dr. Fennelly, out of his own personal finances. Today a similar completed work could conceivably cost in excess of €500,000.

So, how was a head removed from a statue 15ft (4.572m) high? What uncouth barbarians were involved in this wanton act? Thurles police would like your help. They can be contacted at Tel: (0504) 25100, or on the Garda Confidential Line on Tel: 1800 666 111.


1 comment to Police Seek Help Regarding Dr. P. Leahy Statue, Thurles

  • Katie

    Oh My God. How could anyone do this? But you know George it happens here in Australia; pray to God they get these who are responsible for such violent acts.

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