EPA Climate Change Lecture

Dr Edward Cameron will present an EPA Climate Change Lecture at the Mansion House this evening, Friday (May 18th 2019) as part of the National Dialogue on Climate Action.

This lecture is entitled “New Climate Leadership for a Low Carbon, Climate Resilient and Inclusive World”
Please NOTE: For readers who are interested in hearing what Dr Cameron has to say, the event this evening will be streamed live from HERE.

The lecture, chaired by Dr John Bowman, will begin streaming sharp at 7:00pm, followed by a ‘Questions and Answers Session’, before ending at approximately 8.15pm.

Dr Cameron has worked on climate change and human rights for over two decades. He has served with the European Union; the government of the Maldives; the World Bank; the World Resources Institute, and more recently has spent five years as Managing Director at Business for Social Responsibility, encouraging hundreds of corporations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance climate resilience.

Originally from Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin and currently living in the United States with his wife and two sons; Dr Cameron is currently a senior advisor to numerous governments, multinational companies, and non-profit organisations. He holds a PhD in Social Sciences, Business and Economics, having conducted ten years of doctoral research on climate justice.

In this evenings public lecture, Dr Cameron will discuss the importance of climate leadership.

Ms Laura Burke, EPA Director General stated,
“Strong leadership is essential for tackling the challenge of climate change. This involves taking hard decisions to put us on the right trajectory to meet our emission reductions obligations and build resilience to the inevitable impacts of a changing climate. It also entails being able to seize the opportunities that should arise during the transition.
Dr Cameron is a climate specialist with many years of experience in the areas of climate change and human rights. We are looking forward to hearing Dr Cameron’s vision for climate leadership as we transition to a more sustainable future, from his experience with the World Resources Institute and elsewhere.”


2 comments to EPA Climate Change Lecture

  • Katie

    George we here in Australia are been bombarded about climate change. The younger ones are brain washed about this.
    George I am inundated with this news from Dublin expats. Connor McGregor the Irish Dublin Boxer has almost completed 8 three bedroom houses in Dublin for homeless people currently living in hotels around the Irish Capital. This is such a great opportunity for other Irish millionaires to follow suite. Goodness knows we get quite a few of them coming to the Gold Coast and charging enormous prices for the concerts. Thought you and your readers would like this story.

  • Katie

    George we just had our election results. Delighted Liberals got in again.
    All Labour talked about was climate change. Hoping they would get the younger vote. It was so tiring watching this party going on and on about Climate change. And about retires investments. So a good result had by all my expats.

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