Returning Foot Fall To Liberty Square, Thurles

Business conducted in Liberty Square depends solely on ‘Footfall’ being increased. Increased footfall results in selling that extra bar of chocolate; packet of crisps; pint of beer; that fashionable ladies top; that gentleman’s shirt and that cup of tea or coffee. Most often it is the collection of a number of small attractions that culminates; thus, reaching a climax or point of highest development in desired footfall; yes, and even more importantly, added employment.

On December 7th 2018, at 09:52am I sent an email to the following elected County Councillors:,,,,,,,,

The subject was clearly marked: Entrance New Car Park Thurles
The mailing system used by the sender was the ever reliable ‘

The email read as follows:-

Please view link on my website Hidden Tipperary:-
Perhaps a small plaque placed in this area would be most appropriate.
Regards …”

Just seven (7) minutes later Cllr. Sean Ryan, [] Littleton, replied as follows:-

“Will do George and revert to you.
Best wishes, Sean.”

I replied at 10:40am on same date:-

“Hi Cllr. Sean,
I will be happy to further assist in the back ground, should support be requested.
I will also assist in the funding. Regards ….”

Three days later Cllr. Jim Ryan [] replied.

“Hi George
I think your proposal should be supported. I have no problem in talking to relevant people in council if you want me to do so. I am a firm believer in highlighting and remembering all those people who have contributed to our history. If you want to meet up I would be delighted to do so. Jim Ryan.”

No other Councillors replied, despite the email being refreshed.

But even more surprisingly, not even one solitary Councillor who received my email, has come back to me since December 2018 last, to inform me of Tipperary County Council’s final decision.

Your advice please as to which candidate I should give my No.1 Vote in the Local Elections on Friday May 24th 2019.

The Thurles.Info website sits comfortably on Page 1 of all search engines for those worldwide, using the search word ‘thurles‘. It will be read by well over 80,000 people at least, come the morning of Friday May 24th 2019. In the meanwhile, here is the perfect opportunity and an open invitation to all Councillors, and pretenders to the throne, to send us full details of their achievements to date, over the past five years, since being successfully elected. We will then check and confirm your claims and report on your worth accordingly.


3 comments to Returning Foot Fall To Liberty Square, Thurles

  • Neville

    Hi George,

    I have been emailing most of the above councillors for about a year now regarding a plaque at 24 Liberty square (in relation to your link above). I am the owner of the building and suggested a plaque commemorating it as the headquarers of the mid Tipp IRA during the war of independence and it’s importance in relation to the Knocklong rescue. One of the councillors suggested I make an application under the Tipperary Decade of Commemorations Grant Scheme 2019. I did and received the reply below .
    “Your application was not eligible to be assessed pending the adoption of a policy on memorials. This is currently out to public consultation and I will be in touch in due course to advise you how to progress your application once the policy has been adopted.”

    This reply was received over 2 months ago and I have heard nothing else from them.

    I was then told by Councillor Sean Ryan that the policy goes before the council on March 11th. However I did not receive any further replies. I’m not sure how to progress from here.

    If you’re interested in the emails that were sent/received or the application I sent in please send me your email address.

  • George Willoughby

    Neville, Thank you for your efforts, but alas our councillors, for the most part, are only interested in the €16,500 salary and any other income they can generate, through travel and subsistence etc, etc.
    These double jobbers, together with certain greedy business men are destroying our town. We need a complete change of personnel willing to except ideas.
    Tipperary Co. Council officials are mostly to blame, destroying all involvement regarding volunteer labour, latter the best antidote for poverty, not to mention the myriad of other social problems manifesting themselves in our present community.
    I have washed my hands of the idea at this stage, but if I can be of any help with your efforts, do call me.

  • Neville

    Thanks George. I’ll keep trying anyway. Persistence is everything 🙂 Maybe you would have an idea of some interested parties to contact regarding this?

    Most of the people I spoke to about this were very supportive and along with some of the councillors suggested that such landmarks would be significant for tourists and visitors to Thurles especially as now is the 100-year anniversary of the War of Independence. As far as I am aware there is no landmark in Thurles commemorating the era 1919-1921 of which Thurles was very active.

    If nothing comes of it we have plans to do it privately.

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