Tipperary Co. Co. Lacking In Basic Administration Ability

Tipperary County Council – Keeping Your County Tidy ???

The badly damaged ‘Corriboard Sign’ crudely nailed to a living tree trunk, close to this garbage pile [See picture above], near the entrance to the old Byrne’s Mill on Mill Road, Thurles, clearly states that Tipperary County Council will extract a fine of €3,000.00 from persons found illegally dumping rubbish.

To set the record straight, of course this collection of rubbish turns out to be dumping of a different kind. On Sunday April 7th last, a number of unpaid community conscience individuals, made up of children, Scouts and ‘Refresh Thurles’ members came together voluntarily; their intention to do a badly needed clean-up of that Thurles area, best known as ‘Lady’s Well’.

Alas, support in the form of basic administration from Templemore / Thurles Municipal District and Tipperary County Council to support this act of community spirited endeavour, has been totally ignored. While the assorted rubbish, made up of motor tyres, car body parts, plastic bollards, litter etc., was piled neatly on the roadside for collection, away from local residences; eight days later it still remains uncollected and now partly scattered.

We read and listened, in recent weeks, to Thurles councillors [most of whom have remained dumb for years since last elected], suddenly, use press, social media and radio in recent weeks to highlight issues regarding similar activity at a student accommodation complex at Stradavoher Court in the town.

Perhaps they might check tomorrow (nine days later) why Templemore / Thurles Municipal District and /or Tipperary Co. Council have failed these community spirited individuals, through their lack of basic administration, to organise the collection of this unsightly garbage pile from the roadside.


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