Cahir, Co. Tipp, Exhibits True Meaning Of Christmas

“To give up one’s very self; to think only of others and to learn how to bring the greatest happiness to others, yes here is the true meaning of Christmas.”


The town of Cahir, on the River Suir, in Co. Tipperary.

The town of Cahir here in Co Tipperary, boasts that one-in-three of its local residents are non-Irish born. With this in mind the townsfolk intend to use the upcoming Christmas festival as a way of celebrating their multiculturalism.

According to the 2016 Census, Cahir embraces Ireland’s eighth highest percentage of non-Irish born resident, latter drawn from some 40 countries, e.g. Poland, Germany and Lithuania; and from Africa to Brazil.

With the support of the not-for-profit charity “Together Ireland”, this new “Cahir Reaches Out” concept will host a special event for over 1,000 non-Irish born people, on December 8th next, in an effort to welcome and celebrate all the cultural contributions now being created in our modern Ireland.

The main event taking place will include:- (A) – A world bake off, celebrating culinary arts from all different countries; (B) – An international 5km Santa Run; (C) – Street music performances including carol singing in different languages, e.g. English, Irish, Spanish, Polish and Lithuanian  and finally (D) – A special parade of flags through Cahir’s main thoroughfare – all intended to further underline and demonstrate just how proudly cosmopolitan this small Tipperary town has actually become in recent years.

All of these events will take place before a formal switching on of Cahir Town’s Christmas lights; latter which yesterday saw a workforce busily beginning to erect.

Yes, here surely is the true meaning of Christmas at work.


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