Soul Mates

Soul Mates

By Thurles Author & Poet Tom Ryan ©

In a quiet moment
Thinking of nothing,
In a quiet place
Where I hear my heart beat,
My soul aches
For one who is absent,
And I,
Oh I
Am so lonely for you.


Tom Ryan, “Iona”, Rahealty, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.


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  • Michael


  • Katie

    George. An other beautiful poem for my collection by Tom. George wondering did you watch the Pope arriving in Dublin. We are shocked that there was only one Tri Colour flag among the hundred’s of Gay flags and gay umbrellas. Oh my God what is happening to our Ireland. We understand things have changed but surely our republic flag must come first. George could you please ask Michael if he has heard from Eileen. I am concerned for her after the terrible fires California have experienced. For the life of me Michael I cannot find her email address. Can you Email it to me please.

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