Thurles Residents Receiving ‘Scam’ Telephone Calls

Numerous Thurles individuals have received ‘Scam’ telephone calls today, appearing to emanate from a telephone number – 0015192537793.

The caller from this 0015192537793 number tries to convince recipients that they are about to receive a new Bankers Card. This particular Pakistan male scum-bag, who phoned my home 3 times today, is a particularly arrogant individual, insisting that he genuinely is an A.I.B. bank official.

Since I don’t do business with the aforementioned bank, he was easy to ‘play along’, and is presently trying to access my bank via an access code obtained from an old Advantage Card.

This is the very same ‘Voice Phishing’ or ‘Vishing’ scam being perpetrated that we have warned you about on numerous occasions in the past.

Please everyone, do keep in mind that no truly genuine person or business representative, from any financial business organisation or the Public Service will ever call and seek personal, private details or any other data, either over the phone or by email contact.

Do warn elderly parents and friends about this scam, as already many people have lost thousands of Euro’s after being asked to provide privileged data.


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