Fourth Major Fish Kill In North Tipperary In Seven Weeks

It is not by accident that Thurles.Info have been raising environmental issues and concerns regarding important and desirable biodiversity; while highlighting the failure by this present minority Fine Gael government, supported by Fianna Fáil, to protect the quality food producers and the employment they support, here in Co. Tipperary.

The Ollatrim River rises in North Co. Tipperary and flows through the Townland of Ollatrim, joining the Ballinaboy River and Nenagh River east of the town of Nenagh.

Together all flow into Lough Derg, just north of the picturesque village of Dromineer. Indeed a short section of this river indicates the perimeter between Co. Tipperary and our near neighbours, Co. Offaly.

It took eight days for Officers from Inland Fisheries Ireland to notify the public that an investigation has now begun after some 15,000 fish were killed, over a 5km stretch, in the above named Ollatrim River. Officers had attended the scene at Ballinahemery Bridge, close to Ballymackey, Nenagh on Monday 9th July last, having been alerted to a major fish kill.

Inland Fisheries Officers estimate that some 10,500 Lamprey (Latter a protected species), 1,400 Brown Trout, 805 Stoneloach, 1,820 Minnow, 70 Salmon, 70 Crayfish and 84 Stickleback were numbered in this extermination.

Inland Fisheries confirm that this is the largest kill of Lamprey in recent years and now believe it may take some years for stock numbers to at least partially recover.

Herbicide or pesticide or some other Agricultural chemical is understood to have caused this major fish kill. This latest incident will be investigated but no findings will be made public.

Fourth Major Fish Kill In North Tipperary In Less Than Eight Weeks

Not including the current Crayfish Plague, this latest major fish kill in North Tipperary rivers comes to four since late May last. During that month, over 100 trout and juvenile salmon stocks died, when a greyish coloured foul smelling substance entered the Mill River in Ballina. In early June we learned of yet another fish kill on the Ballintotty River, which left the entire trout and salmon population wiped out along a stretch of the river. Then another incident, which occurred at Ballycrinode, Ballinalough, when supposedly slurry accidentally spilled into the river.

Nothing accidentally spills into our Rivers. Accidents do not happen they are caused and offenders must at least be seen to be prosecuted.


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