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Tipp. Co.Council Bottom Of Ireland’s Waste Ranking

We refer to our recent posts, published on June 8th last and June 18th respectively, which highlighted the failure by Tipperary Co. Council to protect our local environment.

For the past six months RTÉ Investigates have similarly reconnoitred the ever increasing problem of illegal dumping here in Ireland and how Co. Councils have set about regulating and prosecuting waste offenders.

Remember when illegal dumpers pollute our environment, the Irish taxpayer, solely, is left to shell out the associated cost of any future clean up. It follows therefore that we must rely on our Co. Councils to investigate and regulate our thriving waste industry, and to this end we fund their activities.

A documentary by RTÉ Investigates; entitled Ireland’s Wild Waste will be broadcast tonight, Monday 18th June on RTÉ One at 9.35pm, following the 9.00pm News

This programme will investigate and publish analysed environmental data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Housing, to determine which councils take waste offences seriously and who are left seriously trailing behind.

By examining rates of inspections, enforcement action, prosecutions and staffing levels between 2014 and 2016.  RTÉ have created a ranking of the best (1) and worst (30) Councils at managing our waste industry. They have also compared how dynamic Councils have been, acting on our behalf, in these areas in relation to the number of waste permits held in 2016.

Towards the bottom of a page found by CLICKING HERE you can find an interactive map to see how Tipperary Co. Council compares on a similar scale with other local authorities.

Rank = Ranking per category. (1 = most active, 30 = least active)
Rate = Rate of activity per number of waste permits held.
Nat. Avg. = National average rate of activity per number of waste permits.

So, where is Tipperary currently positioned in Ireland’s Wild Waste rankings?

Alas, Tipperary Co. Council is ranked in a mere 28th place, of the 30 councils analysed by RTÉ; where 1 is ranked as the most active Co. Council for regulating and enforcing waste services per number of waste permits held in the local authority and 30 as the least active.

Between 2015 and 2016 Tipperary spent €10.64 per person on waste services, or €6.58 less than the national average of €17.22. [Note: Tipperary is one of just a few Irish counties, where our public representatives increased property tax by 10% for the coming year]

Tipperary is in the bottom 3 for non routine inspections, with the council conducting 294 inspections between 2014 and 2016, over 1,000 inspections less than the national average.

Highly recommended viewing for this evening.


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