Irish Water Services Personnel Send Harmless Report To EPA

Inspector Mr David O’ Connor, Inniscarra, Co. Cork, representing the Environmental Protection Agencies Water Enforcement Team [Waste Water (Southern Region)], has forwarded us a copy of their report received from |Irish Water, regarding the River Suir close to Barry’s Bridge here in Thurles.

The River Suir – Tipperary’s New Cesspit from George Willoughby on Vimeo.

Dear George,
Irish Water issued the following response in relation to your complaint, “Irish Water can confirm that the complaint was investigated and the complainant contacted. Weed growth in river Suir downstream of the storm water overflow (SWO), trapped some general river debris plus SWO material, making it more visually evident, than might normally occur. There had been rainfall in days prior to the complaint and SWO appears to have been functioning as normal. The litter and debris material have been removed from the river.”

Mr O’ Connor goes on to state that as a preventative action, Irish Water have committed to Water Services Personnel visually monitoring this storm water overflow and report / remedy the problem, should it arise again.

“As I mentioned to you during our first conversation, Irish Water is in the process of conducting an Area Drainage Plan on the Thurles network. The purpose of this assessment is to identify any issues and faults that require re-mediation within the network, including the SWOs. Any required rehabilitation works will be carried out following this assessment.”

The engineer responsible for forwarding the above report to Mr O’Connor at the EPA, is quite obviously not a reader of Thurles.Info and is not aware of the evidence forwarded to the EPA. No explanation whatsoever was given by Irish Water, as to the source and content of the chemical causing the thick, frothy, soapy, substance, which was being expelled into the water, early each morning.

Be assured, however, that we like our Irish Water Services Personnel, will be visually monitoring this storm water overflow and will be reporting back to the Environmental Protection Agency, and, if deemed necessary, we will also be taking water samples for analysis.

We now ask that those elected to represent us at Municipal District level raise this matter at their next meeting.


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