The May Procession

The May Procession

By Author & Poet Tom Ryan ©

Ave Maria in the evening air the procession of the faithful sing,
Old and young, heads bowed in prayer, the statue of the Virgin bring.

Ave Maria, like their folks of old, their Rosary beads now telling,
Glorious Mysteries now are told, their hearts the Virgin praising.

As those of another time and place, by hillside rocks and glen,
Gloried then their souls to trace through sorrow, trials and pain.

Ave Maria in the May – flowered air the prayerful walkers sing ,
Their hearts and souls beyond compare with worldly reasoning.

Ave Maria, like children there, Ave the blue clad vision,
To the gentle girl direct their prayer to a far-off hallowed heaven.

Ave Maria, sweet Muire of May, a nation’s consolation,
When all but love had passed away in the midst of desolation.

Ave Maria, hear them sing along the sylvan way,
Ave Maria, their praise they bring to Mary of the May.


Tom Ryan, “Iona”, Rahealty, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.


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