The Bright Side Of Loneliness

The Bright Side Of Loneliness

© Author & Poet Tom Ryan.

I have lived my life on the bright side of loneliness.
Scorned the darkest secrets of within,
Laughed at them nervously and then
Resolved to on and onward go again,
Till those dark shadows
Steal around my soul once more.
Unbidden, unexpected and dark as black,
Memories of some deep hurt of yore.
Life is what is, you can’t take back,
But yet I hold this world a splendid place,
And splendid too each feeling, human heart.
And every girl I loved had special grace,
And every man some virtue to respect.
Little after that I sought – a roof, a bed and fire,
A little bit to eat and drink and love.
And I have all and no more to desire
From this great earth or from my God above.


Tom Ryan, “Iona”, Rahealty, Thurles, Co.unty Tipperary


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