Tipperary Weather For This Weekend

This afternoon and evening; heavy rain will gradually extend across Co. Tipperary. Highest temperatures will remain between 60 and 90 Celsius with freshening south to south-east winds.

Tonight, rain will continue to extend to all areas; remaining heavy with a risk of spot flooding, but same is expected to clear by mid Saturday morning.

Tomorrow, Saturday morning, expect lowest temperatures of 50 to 80 Celsius for the county. Later Tipperary will see drier and brighter conditions, with temperatures rising to between 70 to 100 Celsius as rain begins to clears north-eastwards through the afternoon and evening.

On Sunday accumulated overnight frost and fog should clear by mid-morning, with temperatures rising to between 70 to 110 Celsius. While the county will see a dry but breezy day, with limited amounts of sunshine; in the late evening and after dark, expect more heavy showers to extend across the county from the north-west.


2 comments to Tipperary Weather For This Weekend

  • Katie.

    George. Please send to us some of your beautiful weather. Before I melt. We are having ‘HOT’ HOT’ Temperatures, up in the 30’s. Even our Kangaroos are feeling the heat.

  • George Willoughby

    It’s so miserable weather-wise right here in Ireland, at the moment, we would gladly swap if we could.

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