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Tractor Girls Calendar 2018 On Sale Now

These 12 female Tipperary beauties have decided to pose nude for the ‘Tractor Girls Calendar 2018’ in support of Billy Goulding.  Photo: Tom Doherty.

Twelve lovely Tipperary ladies have braved the Irish weather to pose naked beside a tractor; their motivation, to raise funds for a five-year-old, latter who is presently paralysed from the neck down.

When just two and a half years old; Master Billy Goulding was playing with his sister outside in his garden when he took a fall and found himself unable to get back on to his feet.

Rushed to Limerick hospital before being transferred to Temple Street Hospital; his parents would later learn the disappointing news that their son had Transverse Myelitis, latter a neurological condition in which the spinal cord becomes inflamed. This inflammation damages nerve fibres, thus causing them to lose their myelin coating, leading to decreased electrical conductivity in the central nervous system.

Billy, who now is required to travels twice a year to the Stoke Mandeville Hospital, London for intensive physiotherapy, requires 24-hour care.

As with everything; over the years the cost of caring for Billy has greatly amplified, so the local female community have taken the similar route as that taken by the Knapely branch of the Women’s Institute (1999) in Yorkshire, England, to discreetly pose nude. (Remember the 2003 comedy film ‘Calendar Girls’, starring the gorgeous Helen Mirren).

The Tractor Girls Calendar 2018 is now available for sale and if you would like to help Billy on his road to recovery, you can also donate HERE on the Facebook page ‘Billy’s Recovery’, with calendars costing €15 each.  Share and support.

Well done girls, you prove, in the equality stakes, that once again females are far superior to males.


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