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8 Million Investment Guaranteed For South Tipp Hospital

“A very significant and positive week for South Tipp General Hospital.”  So stated Deputy Michael Lowry today, when he announced that this week will see the first patients accepted into a new 12 bay overflow unit; while later this week tenders will be invited for a new 40 bed modular unit. Both these combined initiatives will amount to a total interim investment of some €8 Million for this medical facility.

“Since the redrawing of the Tipperary Constituency, I have prioritised, for immediate attention, Clonmel as the main hospital serving Co. Tipperary. I have personally invested a vast amount of time and effort in convincing our decision makers of the need to invest in South Tipperary General Hospital, and I am now satisfied that my political role and continuous interaction with all stakeholders, has contributed hugely to this very necessary investment on behalf of the people of Tipperary”, stated the Deputy.

He continued, “I am delighted to confirm that on Friday last, the Department of Health and the HSE formally and officially sanctioned the go-ahead and funding for the proposed new 40 bed modular unit. The tender documents are now prepared and will be published and circulated this week for the invitation of tenders to supply the units. Closing date for tenders will be the 1st week of December, 2017.

Deputy Michael Lowry further confirmed, “Over the past number of months there has been extensive discussions and consultation regarding this new unit. There is now agreement on the overall layout and design. The unit will be two-tiered with 20 single rooms on the ground floor and a further 20 single rooms on the second level. These additional 40 single rooms will be all en-suite. The site and location for the new unit has been identified for placement to the rear of the main hospital and site enabling works are ready to commence. There will be connectivity and access from the new unit to the main hospital through a link corridor.”

Mr Lowry also confirmed that the property/estate section of the HSE has had positive discussions with the planning authority, and the company with the winning tender will be obliged to make a formal application for planning.

“This is a huge step forward for South Tipperary General Hospital and the start of ongoing investment in the hospital facility. It also importantly eliminates any doubt regarding the future status of the hospital; allowing for an increase in bed compliment and extra staff. This will enable better and easier access by the public to the hospital services and also improve standards of patient care,” stated the Deputy

12 Bed Overflow Bay
Deputy Lowry confirmed that the new overflow bay, costing €1.6 million, is now fully complete and ready to accept its first patients this week. It has been fitted out to the highest standard, with its own compliment of designated nursing staff.  The standard and comfort of this new bay is equal to the best ward in the hospital; boasting a beautiful, bright, modern interior with all the necessary ancillary services and facilities readily available to hand.

The hospital has successfully recruited the additional staff required to run this unit consisting of 12 new nurses, 3 health care assistants, 3 catering and cleaning operatives. The Hospital’s international recruitment campaign has received an excellent response. Hospital Management are now finding it easier to retain existing staff, who in turn welcome investment in the hospital.

“Everyone in the hospital can see that a genuine effort is being made to address outstanding problems, and this new investment will now foster confidence in the staff and services provided. I am very pleased with the progress made to date and the level of commitment by the Government to South Tipperary General Hospital. The long-standing problems at STGH are at last being acknowledged in a practical way, with a plan to assist and support the hospital into the future”, stated Deputy Lowry.

He continued, “While these interim measures at the hospital are enormously important and hugely encouraging I am very conscious that STGH must also be included in the National Capital Development Plan. I have discussed the case for inclusion with An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, The Minister for Health Simon Harris and the Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe. I happy with the responses to date and eagerly await the announcement of the revised capital plan in early December.”

Our Lady’s Hospital Cashel.
“I am also focused on ensuring that the HSE follow through on the commitment by Minister Harris to re-open Our Lady’s Hospital, Cashel, during 2018. The HSE are currently carrying out a thorough evaluation of the necessary structures and supports that need to be put in place to enable Our Lady’s Hospital in Cashel to function as a day hospital and community care centre with particular emphasis on the medical needs of older people.

I also welcome the fact that a new initiative which was specifically funded at the request of Minister Harris has played a significant role in reducing referrals to Clonmel General Hospital. The Community Intervention Team for South Tipperary based at Our Lady’s Cashel is working very effectively and delivering excellent results.” Deputy Lowry Concluded.


1 comment to 8 Million Investment Guaranteed For South Tipp Hospital

  • Vincent Barber

    Cashed hospital!!! That’s forward planning. Nearly gut the building and now reopen it. What a waste of money but while we pay our taxes the government will abuse and squander our hard earned money. A joke. What about Thurles? Anything under discussion there? No, we are a forgotten town. No organisation/ government official/ Shannon Development has the brains or so it seems to promote the town as a commuter one. One and a quarter hours from Dublin and an extra few minutes to Cork by the excellent rail system. It must be awful to be in a box and not be able to think outside it. Well, produce your ideas and plans and the people of the town will back ye. I await a reply if anyone has the guts to stand up and be counted.

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