White Helmets Rep’s To Accept Tipperary Peace Prize

Members of the Syrian Civil Defence (SCD), most often referred to as the ‘White Helmets’; a volunteer organisation that operates in parts of the rebel-controlled Syria and also in Turkey have been awarded the prestigious 2016 Tipperary Peace Prize.

The bulk of the ‘White Helmets’ activity in Syria consists of urban search and rescue in response to bombing, including medical evacuation, and the evacuation of civilians from danger areas. They also are involved in the delivery of essential service e.g. power, water.  To date over 160 ‘White Helmets’ have lost their lives, since the organization’s inception.

Some readers made comments when we published this news last month, claiming shock at the peace conversions decision, due to reports that SCD (White Helmets) held past links with Islamic terrorists.

According to investigative journalists and analysts, Syrian Civil Defence (SCD) are the constant target of a systematic unfounded information warfare campaign, orchestrated by the Russian and Syrian governments; including their other supporters.  Accusations levelled at the organization, accused them of taking sides in the Syrian Civil War and supporting “terrorists”.  The definitive fact-checking organization, however, have concluded that these claims are totally unfounded and multiple journalists have raised serious questions as to the credibility and government connections of certain individuals, who have make these accusations against SCD.

The 2016 award Tipperary Peace Prize will now be given to the Syrian volunteers who have become world-famous for their fearless courage in their efforts to rescue people from bomb-shattered buildings as Syria’s brutal civil war continues.

Persons representing the ‘White Helmets’ are expected to travel in person to Tipperary next Wednesday, to accept the award at a gala ceremony.

Currently the Tipperary Peace prize ranks as Ireland’s most outstanding international award for humanitarian effort.


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