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A Poem From The Late Sister Stephaine R.I.P.

The late Sister Stephaine Purcell, formerly of Littleton, Thurles Co Tipperary is pictured here with family and friends during her 100th birthday celebrations in Castleconnell, Co. Limerick, back in July, 2017 last.

Sister Stephaine died on August 3rd of this year, however prior to her death she composed the poem herewith and found hereunder for her birthday, which we are happy to share with you.

By Sr. S. Purcell (1917-2017)

All seemed to be going well
Until hidden knots revealed
The latent many weaknesses
Still needing to be healed;
‘Twas then with sand paper and plane
Our Master Craftsman cleaned
Until the veins were flowing free
And knots no longer seen.

My father was a tradesman,
And I did often see
Him sandpapering the knots
And planing timber clean;
But God above, who Master is
Of Heaven, Earth and all for us,
Sees our very deepest needs
Before we go on bended knees
He uses means, words and deeds
Until we truly cleansed are
And thus becomes – God’s Work of Art.


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