Did You Loose An iPad On A Thurles Train?


An iPad was found on the Dublin to Cork train on Tuesday June 1st last. The finder is almost certain that the owner got off the train in Thurles. They have contacted Irish Rail’s ‘Llost and Found’ department, but alas, there have been no inquiries so far.

The finder would really like to unite this iPad with its owner and has asked Thurles.Info to send out an appeal on this website, which we are happy to do.

It may be the case that the person who has lost this equipment, may also have lost their faith in human nature, believing that no one would be honest enough to seek out the true owner.

Well folks they have and I will be happy to introduce the finder, Ms J. Griffin, to you; the person who lost this iPad, so ‘Private Message’ me on facebook, if you can identify the property you lost.


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