Cease Inviting Thieves By Posting On Social Media

June 1st 2017 has arrived and with it the Summer holiday season.

Gardaí are advising people who intend to holiday away from home to refrain from posting on social media while they are away, as such actions alert potential burglars to the fact that their home is possibly unguarded and vacant.

Save all the details of your itinerary, holiday pictures, comments etc. until you are back home and if you do decide to ignore this excellent advice, at least have the good sense to not tag other people, who are also on holiday, perhaps in your company; in your photographs.

New Garda crime figures show that burglaries are most likely to occur between 12.20am and 4.00am, and between 12.30pm and 3.00pm, with one in every four unlawful entries or housebreaks, occurring between the months of June 1st and August 31st, and all resulting from an unsecured door or window.

Speaking at the “Supporting Safer Communities Campaign” at Bloom in the Park, Gardaí also draw attention to the future consideration of “defensive planting” or the planting of prickly shrubs to help deter uninvited guests. Easy to care for shrubs, recommended as deterrent barriers to thieves, could include, ‘Shrub (Seafoam) Roses‘ for wall covering or ‘Purple Japanese Barberry‘ for hedging, to name but a few; but best to discuss this with your local garden centre.

Speaking of gardening; Hedges and shrubs in your front gardens should be kept to a height of no more than three feet, thus removing the cover, which allows burglars to conceal their true activity.

With children due to take the long break from school, remember to secure bicycles, gardening equipment, tools etc. as these are most likely to be stolen by thieves during the coming Summer months.


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