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It’s All Go When It comes To Revitalising Liberty Square

Liberty Square, Thurles

Carpenters Mickey and Paddy were erecting shelving in a new shop due to open shortly in the soon to be revitalised area known as Liberty Square, Thurles, Co. Tipperary. 

Now following the 25 year public consultation period, this urgent project is headed back to the Consultants, latter who will provide the final designs, well maybe before Christmas, God willing.

“It’s nearly ten o’clock; we’ll get the tae now and then we’ll take another run at it”, said Mickey.  Paddy plugged in the grubby old electric kettle and then both men sat up on their work bench to watch the passing shoppers on Liberty Square.

“Jaysus” said Mickey “There is Jossy Taylor gone past.  I heard he was stopped by the fuzz yesterday after his wife fell out of the car.  Mickey grinned, “Did ya not know that your wife fell out of the car about five miles back asked Sgt. Brannigan?”.
“The good Lord be praised Sergeant, replies our Jossy, sure here was me thinkin I’d gone totally deaf.” mimics Mickey in a voice rather like Jossy’s own.

Paddy smiled “That would be our Jossy all right, sure I believe he was part of that mystery coach tour last week that decided to run a €1 sweepstake to guess where they would eventually end up.”   “How right you are”, said Mickey, “Sure I heard the driver of the coach was buying his buddies drink up in the Arch Bar, having won €48.00.”

Mickey surveyed their slow progress of the current job in hand, and with only a few shelves set up, he announced to Paddy, “You know” says he, “I bet you any money some nosy parker is going to walk up to here and put their face up to the window, before asking what we’re selling.”

True to prophesy, no sooner had the words left his mouth, when local elderly widow and gossiper Molly Finucane walked up to the white fogged window. Shading her eyes with one hand, she copped the movement of the boys inside. “What are you selling here?” she yelled.
“We’re selling ass-holes”, Mickey replied sarcastically in a loud voice.
Be god, ye must be doing well then”, screeched Molly, “I see you have only two left in stock”.

“Come on Paddy and make that brew”, says Mickey, “Sure it’s nearly dinner time and we haven’t so much as driven a feckin nail today yet.”


2 comments to It’s All Go When It comes To Revitalising Liberty Square

  • Michael

    I’m sure it’s a true story

  • Katie.

    George. What great news that Allergan Pharmaceutical Westport Mayo. Is creating 200 new jobs. We can buy there eye drops here in Australia. So lets hope one of there new creations will include Botox and be sold here in Australia.
    They will make millions here especially on the Gold Coast. Every second person seems to be using the stuff. When I question some. I always get the same answer. ‘Just been to the dentist. My answer is always. I may be Irish but I don’t have green skin. Thought that would give you a laugh.

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