Revenue Seize Tipperary ‘Fag Stash’.

Revenue Commissioners

In excess of some 2,500 cigarettes were seized from an address in Cahir, Co. Tipperary yesterday (May 18th 2017).

The tobacco products, branded as ‘Richman’, ‘M1′ and ‘John Bull’, were found, located as part of a search; embarked on under a warrant, issued to officers of the Revenue Commissioners.

The above named cigarettes brands are understood to hold a retail value of some €1,500, with same representing a potential loss of around €1,300 to the Irish Exchequer.

Contiguous inspections regarding the above seizures are understood to be currently continuing.


1 comment to Revenue Seize Tipperary ‘Fag Stash’.

  • John Tully

    Hey, there are a lot bigger things going on in Thurles with blind eyes being turned on it and a lot more money being lost to the exchequer.

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