Tipperary Aggravated Burglary Convictions Set For Appeal

Five member of a ruthless Dublin gang who had over 300 previous convictions between them and who received sentences of up to 20 years imprisonment for an aggravated burglary perpetrated on a Tipperary family, are set to appeal the length of their sentences.

CorcoranThe gang had been found guilty on October 1st, 2015, of breaking into the home of Mark and Emma Corcoran, and their young children; armed with a sawn-off shotgun, a handgun and a machete. Mr Corcoran, the father of 3 children aged eight, six and two years, suffered a fractured eye socket and a broken nose, brought about by a blow from the butt of one of the raiders guns; resulting in him later undergoing four separate surgeries in an effort to reconstruct his face.  The children, who were present in the house at the time, were threatened with death.

Luckily Mrs Corcoran managed to dial 999; leaving her mobile phone switched on for Gardaí to eavesdrop on what was happening, as the criminal acts progressed.

The gang members were initially sentenced by Judge Mr Thomas Teehan at Clonmel Circuit Criminal Court in 2015 and while not present in court on last Monday, their appeal date was set by Justice Mr George Birmingham for March 2nd, 2017, in the Court of Appeal.

Mr Patrick Gately, aged 28, with an address at Primrose Grove, Darndale, Dublin 17, and who had 85 previous convictions, was sentenced to 20 years, with four suspended.
Mr Dean Byrne, aged 22, with an address at Cabra Park, Dublin 17, and who had 120 previous convictions, was also given a sentence of 20 years, with four suspended.
Mr John Joyce, aged 21, of Lentisk Lawn, Donaghmede, Dublin, who had 55 previous convictions, was sentenced to 15 years, with four of those suspended.
Mr Patrick Joyce, aged 24, of Beaumont Hall, Beaumont Woods was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment with the final four suspended.
Thomas Flynn aged 22, of Moatview Avenue, Coolock received a 12 year sentence to run consecutively with a sentence already being served.

Local Gardaí were later applauded for their swift action in both apprehending the raiders and in their help to the family afterwards; assisting them through the aftermath of their terrifying ordeal.

The case of these above named five individuals will be viewed by Tipperary residents with great interest in March next year, especially by those who would argue that our present Justice System has become lenient.


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