John Kerry To Travel To Tipperary On Sunday


U.S. Secretary of State Mr John Kerry

Mr John Kirby, Assistant Secretary and Department Spokesperson, with the Bureau of Public Affairs at Washington, DC, has stated that U.S. Secretary of State Mr John Kerry will travel to Tipperary, Ireland, on October 30th, to meet with Irish Foreign Minister Charles Flanagan for a discussion about the Northern Ireland peace process and a range of regional and global issues.

While in Ireland, the Secretary will also accept the Tipperary International Peace Award, which will be awarded by the Tipperary Peace Convention to honour the Secretary’s efforts to end conflicts in a number of countries.

The Secretary will then travel to London, U.K., on October 31st to meet with international counterparts for a discussion about the situation in Libya and ways to improve support for the Government of National Accord. While in London, he will also accept two other awards: the Benjamin Franklin House Medal for Leadership and the Chatham House Prize.

The Chatham House Prize is given to a states-person for significant contributions to the improvement of international relations. Secretary Mr Kerry was named the 2016 recipient jointly with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

The Benjamin Franklin House Medal for Leadership is being given to Secretary Mr Kerry for his lasting contributions to diplomacy, public service and human rights.The Medal recognizes those individuals who follow in Benjamin Franklin’s footsteps by exemplifying great vision, cross-cultural understanding, effectiveness and intellectual rigour.

The Secretary will also meet with London Mayor Sadiq Khan and together with the Mayor, will engage in a discussion with London youth on current issues, including climate change and countering violent extremism.


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  • Katie.

    George. Don’t know if Ireland is following the American elections. We here certainly are. I posted a comment into ‘Irish Central’ I don’t know if you George or your readers have heard of them. Mostly Irish decedents and Irish expats write into this paper. George its quite hilarious to read some of the write ins. Especially from ‘Moyglass’ Obvious this person must come from there. Still trying to find out his name. I did remind him about your write up in “Thurles Information” about John Kerry visiting Tipperary. That should take there minds off the election for a while.

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