IBAL Report – Thurles Clean To European Norms

A survey carried out by Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) has ranked Thurles as being in joint 24th position out of some 40 towns / cities surveyed in their recent report and declared our town as being “Clean to European Norms.”  Thurles was the only Tipperary town included in this recent listing.

Overall Survey Summary

Liberty Square, Thurles.

Thurles Town – “Clean to European Norms.”

Some of the top ranking sites surveyed in Thurles included Cathedral Street and the new Thurles Town Public Car Park adjacent to the Source Theatre and Thurles Leisure Centre.

These latter two sites were not just clear of litter, but were described as “very well presented and maintained”. According to IBAL, there were no seriously littered sites in Thurles, but warned that care needed to be taken at River Walk beside the Source Theatre, to “prevent it from further deteriorating”.

On a less positive note, they found that the Tesco Service and Loading Area was somewhat littered with plastic wrapping and cardboard boxes, but acknowledged that these materials were very much associated with the store itself, rather than through any littering by the general public.

Judges Actual Report Based On Each Of the Areas Examined

Aldi Supermarket Site: Grade A. This site got the top litter grade, but only just. The overall impression was of a very clean environment with car park surface, ornamental trees etc. all in good order.

Cathedral Street: Grade A. An excellent site, with all aspects of the area surveyed in very good order e.g. paving, road markings and surface, street signage, bins, bollards and ornamental trees. There was a complete absence of litter throughout.

Liberty Square: Grade A. Liberty Square was in very good order. Despite heavy volumes of traffic and car parking it was clear of litter. There were some lovely ‘olde’ style street lamps and many of the premises were very nicely presented. Not all premises were in good order but thankfully these ones didn’t become a magnet for litter, as can so easily happen.

N62 Horse and Jockey Cashel Road: Grade A. A very good route leading into Thurles, creating a positive first impression of the town. The road surface, signage and markings were all in good order and there was an absence of litter throughout.

Public Car Park adjacent to Source Theatre & Thurles Leisure Centre: Grade A. An excellent site throughout. Not only was it completely clear of all litter but it was exceptionally well presented and maintained. The paving was very fresh and clean and the area was enhanced by planting and ornamental trees.

College Green and Beechwood Lawns: Grade B. There was a definite litter presence in this residential area. While the communal grass areas had been freshly cut it was let down by food related litter. There were heavy levels of graffiti on one wall area.

N75 Approach from M7 to Cathedral Street: Grade B. Much of this route was in good order, but it was let down by some isolated areas which were littered e.g. the entrances to some fields and premises on the perimeter of the town.

Thurles to Portlaoise N75 – M7 Connecting Road: Grade B. The overall presentation and maintenance of this connecting road was excellent, with freshly cut grass verges and signage etc. in very good order. Unfortunately it was let down by some food related litter, particularly on the passenger side of the car.

Tesco Service and Loading Area: Grade B. The litter at this site was primarily plastic wrapping and cardboard.

River Walk beside Source Theatre: Grade B. The adjacent Source Theatre is excellent and litter free. However, there was notable litter trapped at the promenade area beside the river at the bridge nearby – perhaps the area is difficult to clean but it will only deteriorate further if not addressed.

To all those who take on the responsibility of cleaning our town; “Well done” and a massive “Thank You” from everyone here in Thurles.


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