Thurles To Receive Syrian Refugees

Christmas Lights - Thurles Town Centre


Thurles is the only named town in Co. Tipperary identified on a list of locations, deemed suitable to house incoming refugees from areas like Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

It has been confirmed that the present Irish Government have fully identified to date; in all some 26 locations in which they plan to house thousands of incoming refugees due to arrive shortly on our shores.  So far 129 refugees have arrived here this year from Lebanon and Jordan, with a further 62 from Syria due to arrive before the end of the year.

Besides Thurles, in Co. Tipperary, refugee accommodation has also been identified in the areas of Arklow, Ballina, Carlow, Cavan, Castlebar, Carrickmacross, Carrick-on-Shannon, Cork, Killarney, Ennis, Kilkenny, Limerick, Mullingar Monaghan, Naas, Portlaoise, Roscommon, Sligo,  Tralee, Tullamore, Waterford, together with four Dublin local authority areas.

The republic of Ireland has committed to the housing of 4,000 refugees over the next two years; in response to the crisis in Syria. Some 3,064 asylum applications were received in the first 10 months of 2015 according to figures indicated by the Irish Department of Justice. Same represents an increase of some 140%, based on the previous year, 2014.

While these new arrivals will be made to feel welcome in Thurles; a major headache for new and as yet unelected incoming Tipperary TD’s will be in the finding of some form of long term employment.   Currently the correct unemployment rate in Tipperary (when Tús, JobBridge, etc. etc. is taken into account)  stands at 12.4%, compared to the current official rate being erroneously lauded by our present Government TD’s as having being reduced nationally to 9.7%.


7 comments to Thurles To Receive Syrian Refugees

  • William M. A. Corbett

    Great if these are our fellow Christians of hundreds of thousands are being persecuted and murdered, otherwise…..

  • Sean Loughnane.

    We all need compassion in the world the Irish have been leaving for the past 200 years to find new lives around the world, if we don’t forget in 1847 1 million of fellow citizens left in coffin ships.
    Our people are still leaving now as graduates and over qualified because our government want them to work for peanuts, asylum seekers and refugees are ideal candidates for distraction especially coming into elections, the people are distracted with the taxes and broken promises.

  • William M. A. Corbett

    Christians in the middle east once comprised over 14% of the population but because of systematic persecution Christians currently make up only 4%. Even in Lebanon the percentage of Christians has been reduced over the last 100 years from 78% of the population to 34%. In the last few years Christians have been forced to leave Iraq in vast numbers to the extent that currently there are less than 500,000 Christians there today compared to over 1.5 million ten years ago. Still Christians are being murdered during the course of their current exodus into Europe from their homelands where because they refused to pay the subjugation tax they were sentenced to rape, murder or enslavement. How many Christian refugees will be resettled in Ireland? The answer is very very few! Christianity is under an existential threat. Our obligation is first to our fellow Christians!

  • Rory Mac Mahon

    Hello Mr. Corbett. “Our obligation is first to our fellow Christians!”…how about first to our fellow humans?

  • Robbie Shorley

    As far as I can recall, the fairy story called the bible says ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. It doesn’t say ‘but only if they’re christian’. Don’t bring religion into a humanitarian issue.

  • Chris

    I’m staying away from the whole Islam/terrorism debate but the majority of people during the Autumn calling on the Irish Government to accept more refugees (even offering to accommodate them) were people in some of the richest and most privileged parts of the country (Donnybrook, Blackrock)

    Now that the refugees are starting to arrive they have very quietly rescinded their offers. South Dublin likes to be seen as very liberal/PC as long as the travellers or foreigners are not next door. It does feel like they are getting dumped on us in Thurles (a disadvantaged unemployment blackspot since 1989)

    Reminds me of a scene from The Simpsons

    Abe: I gotta hold up here for a while. They might still be after me!
    Lisa: Wow! He’s even more agitated than usual. Maybe we should let him stay.
    Marge: Where are we going to put him?
    Lisa: Bart’s room.
    Homer: Bart’s room.
    Marge: Bart’s room.
    Bart: Dumpster.

  • Chris

    Here’s the latest solution to unemployment in Thurles. UNPAID VOLUNTARY WORK ABROAD

    From TippFM

    “An information meeting is set to be held this evening for young people across the Premier County who are interested in living abroad.
    The European Voluntary Service has projects in several locations across the EU which could suit those interested in travelling abroad, taking a gap year or doing volunteer work in another country
    The initiative is open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 30….more information can be got from the Tipperary Regional Youth Service in Thurles this evening.”

    The number of people signing on in the Thurles-Templemore is rising and there’s not enough jobbridge/vtos/CE/BTEA positions to force these people on. The figures don’t look great heading into an election. Shame on TRYS supporting this.

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