Thurles Gardaí Make A Total Of 12 Arrests In Thurles

GardaA further eight people have now been arrested here in Thurles, following yesterdays series of early morning raids by Thurles Gardaí. This brings to twelve the total number of persons arrested yesterday.

Drugs with an estimated value in excess of some €2,000 were also seized, together with items of stolen property. We understand that the drugs seized consisted of the Class B drug Amphetamine Sulphate, (latter which bears the street name ‘Speed’) and a quantity of MDMA, short for Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, (latter the psychoactive drug more commonly known under a variety of names such as ‘Ecstasy’, ‘Molly’, ‘E’, ‘XTC’, ‘X’, ‘Adam’, ‘Hug’, ‘Beans’ and ‘Clarity’).

Of the 12 people taken into custody, the reasons for their detention, we understand, included ‘Serious Assaults’; ‘Arson’; ‘Outstanding Warrants’; ‘Possession of Illegal Substances’ and ‘Burglary’.

Of those detained, four are presently in Limerick jail; while another man appeared yesterday before a Judge in Nenagh District Court, charged with robbery and other theft offences in the Templemore area. The remainder of those detained were released without charge; however we understand files are expected to be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

All arrests were made as a result of clever research, co-ordination and detection, undertaken by members of the Thurles Garda force.

This work yesterday, undertaken by Thurles Gardaí, further highlights the incredible service and commitment by our local police force, despite being totally under-resourced and with the failure of our present government to provide the necessary ring-fenced finance to fight current unprecedented rural crime.


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