Lowry Confirms Intention To Contest Next Election

North Tipperary Independent TD Michael Lowry

Tipperary Independent TD Michael Lowry

Independent Deputy Mr Michael Lowry TD has confirmed, in front of a packed audience, gathered in the Anner Hotel, Thurles, last night (Tuesday 6th of October), that he will contest the next General Election as an Independent Candidate in the recently unified 5 seater constituency of Co. Tipperary.

With standing room available only, the Independent Deputy made the following statement:-

“For the first time in 67 years, this historic election will allow the voters of County Tipperary to speak with a united voice. Culturally, socially, across business, education, sport and beyond, the people of Tipperary have always been proud to call themselves sons and daughters of the Premier County.

It is evident that a rural crisis has developed over the last number of years. As a largely rural community, Tipperary has ample experience of this fact. We are told every day that Ireland is on the move – the recession is over – we are on the road to recovery. This recovery road has not yet arrived in our county. A crippling lack of jobs, a creaking health service, a frightening increase in rural crime, poor or non-existent broadband has led to a sense of despondency and isolation amongst us.

In our once thriving small towns and villages we observe factories with padlocked gates, boarded-up shops, closed Garda Stations and communities diminished because of emigration. It is sad to witness our rural way of life decline.

I consider this election to be the biggest challenge in my political career. Tipperary, being one of the biggest counties in the country, poses major campaign problems for all politicians, but particularly for me as an independent candidate. In South Tipperary I do not have access to the structures and support of the established political parties. Here, it will be a difficult task to build my support group, parish by parish, as I have done in North Tipperary over the years. Therefore, I am inviting any person, regardless of experience, to lend a hand and give some time to my campaign. The process of mobilising my campaign is under-way and I will shortly, publicly launch my campaign. With only five Seats available it will require a huge effort by my organisation to return me as a representative to Dáil Éireann.

Throughout my political career I have tirelessly and continuously worked on behalf of individuals, families and communities, regardless of their political affiliation. Each day I am moved by genuine cases of hardship and misfortune – people losing jobs, pay cuts, inability to pay mortgages and bills, no opportunities for young people finishing their education, delays in getting access to health services. More than ever the people of Tipperary are entitled to demand leadership, honesty, and hard work from their elected representatives. I renew my commitment to working on behalf of the people of Tipperary and delivering results that make a difference.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to represent my county in Dáil Eireann. The loyalty and support shown to me through good times and bad has given me great strength and encouragement. I look forward to receiving a mandate from the people of Tipperary to serve as one of their representatives in the 32nd Dáil.” continued the Deputy.


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