Tipperary Twelfth In Favourite Domestic Holiday Destinations

TipperaryMapAccording to a survey taken by, the kingdom of Co. Kerry is Ireland’s favourite domestic holiday destination. This is the third time in a row that Kerry has topped this particular poll with 24.5% of voters highlighting it as their favourite county for a break.

Co. Galway gallops home in second place, polling 17%, while Cork arrives in third place with 14% of the poll. While Wexford was the only other county to hit double digits; counties Clare, Donegal, Mayo, Dublin, Wicklow, Kilkenny and Waterford rounded off the remaining surveyed Top 10.

With more than 5,200 people taking part in this survey of Irish holidaymakers Co. Tipperary, which receives little or no tourism marketing budget share, received just 1% of the vote in this survey undertaken. While only a brief survey, nevertheless Tipperary did outrank counties Leitrim (0.8%), Louth (0.7%), Kildare & Meath (0.3%), Cavan & Offaly, Armagh, Laois, Fermanagh, Limerick and Westmeath (latter 7 counties all receiving 0.17%).

Dublin despite millions of Euro being spent from our national tourism budget annually, to attract attention, received just 3% of the vote in this same survey. Regrettably counties Carlow, Derry, Down, Longford, Roscommon, Monaghan and Tyrone failed to attract even one single vote.

While Tipperary is only in joint 12th position with Co Antrim, it is however easy to see why we fails to attract a better and indeed deserved percentage vote in this survey. We now invite our readers to view the website launched in September 2014, by the current Tipperary Minister for Environment, Community & Local Government Mr Alan Kelly.  Next click HERE to view “Top Sights within an hour of Lough Derg”. Do you see Thurles or any of its superb local attractions get a mention?  No, I regret to say, only attractions which have had large sums of government money pumped into them by the Bord of Works and National Monuments are highlighted and recommended, the nearest some 5 miles away.

Note also the Lough Derg website fails to shows Links. For those of you not familiar with website Link Building, same is the process of acquiring and sharing hyperlinks (Links) from other websites to your own, thus offering a way for all users to navigate between pages on the internet and in doing so grant surfers a greater overview of all that our Premier County has to offer the visitor. Latter linking failure appears to be part of present overall tourism policy, but to the detriment of our tourist economy nationally.

Hyperlinks (Links) are a number one essential on all tourism websites if we are to truly compete, network and sell online.


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