Free GP Care For over 70’s Starts Today

HSE“Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.”  Matthew 15:27.

The long promised provision of free GP care for Tipperary residents, aged over 70 years old, will begin from today.

This provision is understood to be the next step towards the present Government’s plans for its long promised Universal Healthcare and follows the recent controversial roll-out of free GP care for all children under 6 years, latter introduced last month.

These new introduced health measures will apply to more 35,000 people nationally who qualify as being 70 years of age and over and who do not currently hold a Medical or GP visiting card.

This new provision is expected to cost the state between €18 and €20 million per year. Same costs are therefore reasonable when taxpayers consider that €1,016,924 (Over One Million) in special allowances, (including €610,763 for public relations) was paid out to cover just 29 Labour /Fine Gael government ministers and TD’s; to boost that little-known ‘Special Secretarial Allowance’ (Click Here – it is a must read)  since the General Election of 2011 of which Tipperary TD’s, namely Mr Alan Kelly and Mr Tom Hayes, respectively, gleaned €89,269.00 (A.K. €9,000.00 for IT, Training & Public Relations) plus €18,581.00 (T.H. €7,933.00 for PR), which collectively amounts to €107,850.00, courtesy of Irish citizens generosity.

However on a positive note, both these health moves will be seen as an important step forward in achieving Universal Health Care; with the youngest and oldest in Irish society now able to access GP care without being charged.

Although the scheme will be observed as good news for Ireland’s elderly, those now eligible for free GP care, under this scheme, will not have access to Allied Health Care Professionals, e.g. Public Health Nurses and Physiotherapists.

For those who do not currently hold a Medical or GP visiting card and wish to Register Online click HERE.


2 comments to Free GP Care For over 70’s Starts Today

  • Michael

    After reading the “Special Secretarial Allowance”, I’m too sick to say anything.

  • Katie.

    Michael. Me too! But its high time Ireland caught up with Australia as far as seniors go. This free GP care for seniors is way past its due date. Goodness knows enough of Irish Politicians come here every year to see how Australia do things. Maybe they took the hint. I remember seeing my dear Mother suffering terrible with back pain from having to carry heavy buckets of water from the lane way. She had to go to a cattle farmer out on Rathvin road to help her with the pain. And he certainly done that. She just could not afford a specialist fee out of the measly ‘TWO SHILLING’S AND SIXPENCE.That Mrs Smith throw at these seniors each fortnight. These poor seniors would stand in the rain for hours. My God how those seniors were treated in those days. One day I will get around to writing a book about how those people were treated and how Cannon Ryan would not even bid the poor people the time of day. He would walk straight past them.

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