May Unemployment Figures Increase For Tipperary

Employment Inequality Remains Steadfast Across Tipperary

“We are seeing a very significant reduction in the number of long-term unemployed people who are getting real jobs in the economy.”  Quote by Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton, on April 16th 2015.

Unemployment figures for the month of May 2015 demonstrate a sharp upward rise for every single town in Co. Tipperary, when compared to the previous month, April 2015.

The latest unemployment figures for Co. Tipperary were uploaded on line on Monday June 8th 2015, by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) and can be viewed in full by clicking HERE.

Monthly figures for May 2015, shown as follows under the categories ‘All Ages’  ‘Both Sexes’, are compared to the previous month of April 2015 and demonstrate that unemployment increased by 383 persons for the whole county of Tipperary.

Dole  April  –  May – North Tipperary and Associated Towns 2015.
6,030  –  6,199 –  North Tipperary, an overall increase of 169 persons.
2,446  –  2,529 – Nenagh, an increase of 83 persons.
1,119  –  1,164 –  Roscrea, an increase of 45 persons
2,465  –  2,506 – Thurles, an increase of 41 persons

  April  –  May – South Tipperary and Associated Towns 2015.
7,595  – 7,809 – South Tipperary, an increase of 214 persons.
1,071  – 1,094 – Cahir, an increase of 23 persons.
1,625  – 1,663 – Carrick-On-Suir, an increase of 38 persons.
   998  – 1,017 – Cashel, an increase of 19 persons.
2,470  – 2,562 – Clonmel, an increase of 92 persons.
1,431  – 1,473 – Tipperary (Town), an increase of 42 persons.

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, on the 3rd June 2015, welcomed the publication of the latest official unemployment figures, showing, he claims, “a continuing decline in the number of people out of work”.

Time for our reigning government politicians to take their pensions and just go, in the secure knowledge they have failed dismally the electorate of Co. Tipperary.


1 comment to May Unemployment Figures Increase For Tipperary

  • Brian Fitzgibbon

    Hi George,

    The figures/facts do not make for good reading. Looking at Thurles the figures have come down by over a thousand since 2011 but I very much doubt if this was attributed to job creation in the area.

    If the unemployment figures in Thurles were at a level that they were in the good times (approx 1100), over 150 SME’s employing 10 people each would have to established. For the world of me I can’t see this happening in the near future.

    Therefore Thurles, and other towns across the county need something more than talk, its needs a plan backed up by action.

    On a side note and not wanting to be political, I know that Noel Coonan invested a lot of time in trying to get a sugar facility to replace the mines. But you are right, a lot more needs to be done.

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