Thurles Bridge Drops Perfectly Into Place

Sittin’ on the Bridge Below the Town
The nations are rearmin’ and preparin’ for to fight, but a settlement could easily be found
If, instead of at Geneva, they were meetin’ here tonight, sittin’ on the (Thurles) bridge below the town.

[Extract from lyrics by Song Writer Frank O’Donovan, (With apologies.) ]

Thurles Bridge

The new Thurles pedestrian foot bridge was successfully lowered into place at midday today (Friday June 5th 2015).  This spectacle took place in full view of some 50 onlookers of all ages; many whom had gathered from bridge9:00am this morning, to witness this most historic event unfold.

The new bridge’s metal structure, estimated at 40 tons in weight, arrived into the Cathedral town of Thurles at approximately 1.00am this morning, on two separate transport vehicles, which were then manoeuvred into place, side by side, before both on board structures were then bolted together.

The completed single structure was then expertly lifted by crane; to be lowered across the river onto two already pre-prepared mass concrete anchored positions.

Congratulations to all those involved.


2 comments to Thurles Bridge Drops Perfectly Into Place

  • Michael

    Nice photo.

  • Pat

    Congratulations to all concerned. Let us now admire, protect and make use of our new Town Park. Forget about the anti social behaviour posssibility until the Park is operational. If problems occur they can then be addressed. Put our Town on the map again and call our park ‘THURLES TOWN PARK’.

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