A Happy 2015 From Thurles Information

As one year comes to an end and another is about to begin, we here at Thurles.Info would like to wish each & everyone, both at home and abroad, a very happy, peaceful and successful new year in 2015.

For those of you far from home this year, we thought we should bring you something recorded just this month from the wonderful atmospheric candlelit ecumenical Carol Service conducted by the Rev Ian Coulter, (Acting Rector of St Mary’s Church, Thurles) and Rev Fr. Thomas Dunne, (Representing the Cathedral of The Assumption, Thurles) at St Mary’s Church here in Thurles.

(This short video, you will note, also attempts to remember and recreate part of the one hundred year old Christmas Day Truce of 1914, with lead singer, Mr J.J. Cullinane, very careful to ensure no harm came to a true original and rare WW1 tunic, temporally allowed to be worn for the first time 100 years later, for this special event.)

Click HERE to view in HD

A very special Happy New Year to all our Thurles community leaders and performers who attended at this ‘Carols by Candlelight’ event; namely “Cephas,” (Band featuring Noreen, Edward (Ned) and John J. Cullinane), Ms Geraldine Delaney (Musical Director), Mr Michael Molumby (Tenor), Mr Seamus Hanafin (Tipperary Co Councillor), Mr Pat Corbett, Ms Joan Pollard Carew (Local published Poet), Mr Brian Corbett, Mr John Butler (Thurles Chamber / Bookworm), Mrs Lila Stanley (Reader ),  Miss Rachael Willoughby (Vocals), Mr George Willoughby (St Mary’s War Museum), Dr Karen Willoughby (Reader), Mr Christopher J. Verling, (Rep. An Garda Síochána) and some 150 Thurles residents who packed themselves tightly into the tiny church space, for this year’s event.

A very happy, peaceful and successful new year to you all in 2015.


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