Bord Gáis To Begin Piping Natural Gas To Nenagh

GasTipperary County Council (Nenagh Municipal District) wish to advise that works by Bord Gáis on piping natural gas to Nenagh will commence on Monday January 12th 2015.

The project which was originally scheduled to begin last November will now come in from Birdhill, up the old N7 to the Five Alley Pub and into Nenagh, following a 17km stretch.

This €8.5 million project will take the following route within the town:-  Limerick Road, Clare Street, William Street, Silver Street, Stafford Street, Arrabawn.

The priority customer will be Arrabawn, however several other large scale premises have also come on board and it’s hoped the town will be connected fully by next autumn.

Once the initial feeder is connected to Arabawn together with a number of other large industries that also have expressed installation interest, namely ABP and Nenagh hospital, then the focus will be on the immediate town itself.

Representatives of Bord Gáis confirm that significant disruption can be expected during these installation; caused by the unavoidable digging of trenches in road surfaces in the area. However they point out that there will be constant consultation with all stakeholders affected and plenty of notice will be given ahead of this future work to be undertaken.

Natural gas lines have already been installed in Tipp Town, Cahir and Cashel and the company representatives’ point out that those projects were carried out very successfully.  A traffic management system will be in place and some disruption may occur. The works will take approximately 6-8 weeks in total and are expected to be completed by mid-March or early April.

Thurles town is not expected to glean similar benefits from the piping of natural gas, since it has become increasingly difficult to attract this kind of project to areas where industry fails to exist in its entirety and where successive governments have failed miserably to attract any form of commercial or manufacturing enterprise to this area.


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