Thurles Registration Office Transferred To Nenagh & Roscrea

Bugs bunnyFor the foreseeable future local people will now have to travel to the Nenagh or Roscrea Registration offices to register a birth, death or marriage.

This unwelcome scenario has been brought about due to the sudden and unexpected closure of the Thurles Registration office situated currently within in the present St. Mary’s Health Centre, at Nenagh Road, in the town.

With this Thurles office’s principal functions now removed, this will lead to only a very limited, if any, service being offered to residents of Thurles and its immediate hinterland.

Thurles Registration office has long been a very important service, not just providing an easily accessible all round and very professional service, but also allowing persons, particularly the elderly within the area, to register their many legal obligations affecting events of some major importance within their everyday lives.

Persons recently bereaved, the parents of new born children and couples seeking marriage licences must now travel some 33.9km (Roscrea) or 37.3km (Nenagh), a substantial and unnecessary distance, to carry out these basic, yet most important of statistical tasks.

It would appear, yet again, our locally elected Tipperary Dáil Éireann representatives continue to remain absolutely powerless, when it comes to protecting even the smallest interests within Thurles town.


4 comments to Thurles Registration Office Transferred To Nenagh & Roscrea

  • Katie.

    George. ‘Don’t you mean ‘Once again The Locally ‘ELECTED’ Tipperary Dail Eireann representatives remain absolutely ‘lifeless’ as far as protecting Thurles Town is concerned.’ George I only found out this morning that Irish people pay to see a doctor. Is this true? And if so do pensioners have to pay to see a GP in Ireland? My God here in Australia there was uproar that the Abbott Government was trying to bring in a $7.00 fee to see a GP. Pensioners exempt. But that idea has now been scrapped after so much condemnation. On the good side of things. Enjoy the “Carols By Candlelight at St. Mary’s Church. The Thurles people can be proud of such a beautiful church.

  • Pat

    Yes, George, you are entirely right , THURLES has once again been put on ‘the hind teat’ and will be left to ‘die’ if not recussitated shortly by our ELECTED T.D.’s. I, thankfully, had to use this service only twice to registed deaths and the service and compassion afforded me was truly magnificent. As a town we are being totally ignored with the loss of this vital service. We have to tax our cars also and those of us who own 4 year old cars have to travel to Nenagh or Cahir to have our NCT completed, a journey of either 120 km or 80km and also most probably half day’s leave if working.

  • Michael

    When you leave the womb it’s money, money, money, (if you are poor) every day from then on. When you die it’s big money again.I can’t afford to die.

  • Chris

    Pat you can pay your road tax in the Tipperary County Council offices (formally Thurles Town Council) Slievenamon road. As long as it isn’t commercial vehicles ie Taxi, Trucks etc

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