Thurles Says NO To Water Charges

“The existence of water is not owed to any human accomplishment. Humans do not own or create water.
If it stopped raining and if our rivers, springs and seas ran dry, we could not easily produce sufficient water ourselves.”


Some 300 people travelled to Dublin from Thurles and surrounding areas last night and early this morning, to take part in a national protest against water charges.

Protesters assembled at the Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square, before marching down O’Connell Street towards Dáil Éireann on Kildare Street, closing down the Dublin city centre and reducing Luas Line services from Tallaght/Saggart to Smithfield.

The protesters, involving tens of thousands of people from around Ireland, remained for the most part determined, but good humoured throughout, with the most amusing of protesters chants being “Here comes Joan, hide your phone,” and “Labour; Labour; Fianna Gael; throw the Government into jail.”  (There were other chants and suggestions as to what Labour should do, but we, here on Thurles.Info, are to0 polite to repeat them.)

Right2Water addressed the crowds outside the GPO and Mr Brendan Ogle, a spokesperson for the group stated; “In the past, on various other issues, we have seen situations where there have been protest, and nothing else. This is one step; one early step; where people power is mobilising against a government that has abandoned them.”

“This government is trying to turn our human right to water into a commodity to be sold. I think people are resisting this all around the country, and today, it’ll be visible on the streets.” he continued.

The results of the two by-elections announced this evening would indicate that the Irish people feel that “enough is enough” when it comes to dipping further into the pockets of a nation already overburdened by constant increases in taxation.


3 comments to Thurles Says NO To Water Charges

  • Michael

    We have to pay for food and drink.
    We have to pay when we wee-wee and poop, (Septic Tank)
    Next we’ll have to pay for the air we breath and more if we fart.

  • Michael

    To You Irish Water

  • Georgina

    I’m holding the banner “Thurles Says No”

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