Free Parking In Thurles For Christmas 2013

Free parking has been extended to Thurles town car parks in the run-up to Christmas, well that’s if you are prepared to leave your Christmas Shopping until the very last minute.

Same has been introduced in a bid to encourage consumers into the town centre and hopefully put funding into the cash registers of those businesses trading at a major disadvantage and situated in the area of Liberty Square and surrounding streets, latter forced to compete with free car parking permitted elsewhere on the Towns outskirts.

Obviously the Town Manager and Town Clerk were feeling in Festive Mood last night, allowing our Local Councillors apparently to run riot, thus making at least one real decision on their own, for this year.

Whatever, Thurles Town Council have now announced that free parking will be available in the local authority car parks in Thurles with effect from December 21st to December 24th inclusive.

I wonder was there any debate on the tender being sought for the planning, design and delivery of a proposed new car park on the ‘money side’ of  Liberty Square, Thurles, last night? No matter this is possibly information that would only further confuse the average struggling businessman/woman in our town centre and better off not being discussed by the great unwashed.

I don’t often support Minister Phil Hogan, but thank God that as and from June 2014 local secret societies like Town Councils will be banned.

In the words of that minor character Timothy Cratchit, called “Tiny Tim”, is the 1843 novel ‘A Christmas Carol,’ by Charles Dickens, “God bless us, every one!”


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